The campsite on Splitbus Nation 2020 is already available from Friday, July 31. From 15h00 the gate to the campsite of the domain Puyenbroeck will be open and we can receive the first guests. If you wish to camp for one or two nights it is mandatory to book your campsite through our registration form.

The campsite of domain Puyenbroeck is a official site. This means that all participants of Splitbus Nation must obey the existing campsite regulations. A number of important issues are:

- Per campground only one vehicle is allowed.
- Pets are not allowed on the campsite!
- After 22h00 only quiet activities are allowed.
- Sanitary facilities must be left neat.
- Unnecessary driving (cruising) at the campsite is not permitted.


Electricity (230 volts) is present at the campgrounds. You will need to bring a plug as shown below.